AGPtek Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs Review

Shock collars are being seen as time-saving as well as energy-saving device for people who own dogs which may express sub optimal behavior. They are cheaper, and some say more effective than hiring a dog training expert to modify the behavior of your dog. The AGPtek Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs comes from the brand AGPtek, and is rechargeable which is vitally important. It is one of the newest dog training collars on the market at the moment. It works by the owner administering shock responses to dogs which display bad behavior using the remote control that the shock collar comes with.

AGPtek Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs Review

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So what are some of the best features of this shock collar for dogs?

• This is a powerful dog collar which is completely adjustable in form, and can fit dogs of almost all sizes.
• The collar comes with a receiver and a transmitter with automatic power-saving capabilities, which helps conserve your battery power.
• It is fully waterproof so this collar doesn’t need to be removed when you are out in the rain.
• The collar notifies dogs in 3 ways – Vibration, Beep and Shock. It comes with an LED shock testing light which can check the shock levels of the collar. There are shock probes of 2 varying lengths in this unit.
• The receiver and transmitter can be charged from a USB wall charging outlet. In order to get your dog training collar recharged, you can use any USB charger with the cable.
• The collar comes with a remote, which means you can operate it even from some distance away. A simple press on the “Mode” button for 5 seconds can be enough to turn the remote on or off.

What are the advantages of the AGPtek Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs?

• First of all, it is waterproof and not merely water-resistant in form. This means it can be used without any fear of the collar being damaged in the rain, or if the dog goes swimming with the collar on.
• Also, the AGPtek Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs has a unique power saving system. There is no unnecessary wastage of power as a result. When it is on the dog’s body, it uses only a small amount of power when not being used. In other words, it can “sleep” at times when it is not being used. Thus, it can be left on without any worries. Our editor thinks this is the best dog shock collar with remote currently for sale.

Disadvantages of the AGPtek Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs

The plugs for charging the device and the on/off buttons on the receiver are concealed, and difficult to reach.

Should you buy this Shock Collar?

If you are really fed up with training your dog and need something that can assist our pet in learning good behavior quickly, AGPtek Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs is just the device that you would like. It is cheap, effective and highly efficient. Most buyers have nothing but praise for the unit and you will undoubtedly love to use it too. Read our other dog shock collar reviews to find out about other products currently available for sale.


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