Do Shock Collars Work? Do Anti Bark Collars Work?

Do Shock Collars Work? Shock collars are sometimes used by owners to stop or limit the amount of barking that dogs do. These are also referred to as anti-bark collars, and are used to teach good manners to dogs and make them understand when to bark and when not to bark stop. This can also be applied to jumping, digging and potty training.

Do Shock Collars Work? Do Anti Bark Collars Work?

Many dog owners curious about these devices wonder – do shock collars work? The answer is yes. When used in a proper manner and with a complete plan, it can rid undesirable behavior that your dog exhibits in a short period of time and dramtically improve behaviour.

Do Shock Collars Work? We investigate and find out.


This type of collar is actually a device with a sound sensor affixed on its inside. This device is basically a simple fabric strip consisting of a clasp with a plastic lock. The collar is fastened securely around the neck of a dog and the sensor lies under the chin of the pet. The sensors are sensitive to noise as well as vibrations. A correct response is offered by the sound sensor in the form of shock, spray or tone, when a noise or vibration stimulus is detected by it. Generally, small batteries are fitted in these collars and serve as a power source. Some of these collar batteries can be recharged. Although many of the collars are water-resistant, some are also made waterproof in order to work well even underwater to some depth.


For those who wonder do shock collars work, these collars work in dual steps. In the first step, the collar will detect a bark. In the second step, once the collar is able to successfully detect a bark, it is then able to administer a deterrent of your choosing. Once the sensor within the unit is set off, a shock, a spray or a tone is delivered as a deterrent. When a dog barks, a strong mist consisting of citronella-scented liquid is sprayed at its face, if you choose a spray collar. The nozzle of the spray has to be set with care to deliver the mist at the face and not the skin or fur.

Some of these collars also make a hissing sound as a response to barking, which is disliked by dogs. In some cases, an ultrasonic response is made and the ultrasonic tone is uncomfortable for the dog to hear. The sound cannot be heard by human beings which makes it a great tool to use.

Most of these collars also deliver a shock automatically to the dog, once the sensor gets activated. The intensity of these shocks can range from soft to strong. The shock can be adjusted to be painful for large dogs, which are often stubborn barkers and refuse to stop, much to the dismay of neighbors and even the owners themselves.

In some cases, these anti bark collars come with a remote and the shock is delivered by the owner from a distance. Remote-controlled dog collars are very popular these days, and allow owners to send shocks, sound responses or sprays from a distance of up to 400 yards away.

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