Shock Collar Training Advice – 5 Tips to Maximize Success

Shock collars are great ways to get dogs trained and reinforce good behavior while getting rid of bad behavior. However, many dog owners fail to understand that buying a collar is not the be all and end all of training. So we thought we’d offer some shock collar training advice with five of our own top tips to help you maximize the success you can achieve with your shock collar for dogs.

Shock Collar Training Tips

Do not use shock collar at first

You should first teach good behavior to the dog without the use of the collar. Use a clicker along with treats to teach positive recall in your back yard. If the pet does well, take it out on the road and perform the same tricks. Check whether the behavior has been instilled properly. If you do not find your attempts to be successful, then you can begin to use a dog shock collar.

Use a leash alongside

It is important not to rely only on an electric collar and your voice commands. While using a collar for the first time, you should also use a long leash. Tug on the leash and simultaneously stimulate the dog collar. This will help the pet to understand when it is being asked to “come”. In the long run, you can skip the leash and use only the collar.

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Do not rely only on higher voltage to do the trick

While starting with shock collar training, a lot of trainers feel that raising the voltage can train dogs quicker. This is not the case. Unless you make your pet understand the command clearly, it is bound to fail again and again. Abusing your dog will only end up hurting and confusing it. If increasing the voltage does not seem to solve the problem, try to determine why your dog is displaying the undesirable behavior. There might be some cause behind its actions.

Raise voltage little by little

If your dog seems unmindful and obstinate, increase the voltage little by little. At times, the operational training level proves to be insufficient. You can raise the voltage one click at a time if your dog seems to be driven and distracted.

No voltage is needed at times

While shock collar training, it is better to start with the lowest voltage in order to make your dog obey a command. Just like you have to do away with treats once a behavior is reinforced, you have to remove a shock collar once you have successfully managed to train your pet. Little by little, you have to remove stimulation with a shock collar. You should not hesitate to find out whether your dog will obey your commands without any voltage stimulation. It is better not to continue with voltage training if your dog seems to be trained.

If you have your own dog shock collar training tips, please don’t hesitate to tell us about them, and we can add them to the website for other dog owners to benefit from your experience.

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