Shock Collar for Large Dogs Guide – Shocks Collars for Large Dogs

The term “large dog” refers to dogs which are over 50 pounds in weight. Those that weigh over 50 pounds are usually associated with behavioral problems, so choosing the best shock collar for large dogs is vitally important to correct their troublesome behavior. These days, shock collar for large dogs have come to existence and these can control the misbehaviors of your dog in a safe and easy manner. However, there are many such collars and it can be tough for you to find the best one for your dog in this crowded marketplace. Read our guide below as we review some of the best shock collars for large dogs. If you are looking for a shock collar for small dogs, check out our guide.

What is the Best Shock Collar for Large Dogs?

WIFLI® Rechargeable Waterproof 450 Yards Remote Dog Training Shock Collar E-Collar

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Is this the best shock collar for large dogs?

This device comes from the brand known as WIFLI and is ideal for training obedience. The collar has 16 levels of stimulation as well as 3 training modes. You can teach your dogs how to avoid excessive barking, chasing animals, fighting with other dogs in the neighborhood, biting and other bad behaviors, whilst also training the dog to obey simple commands such as shake, sit and stay.

Most consumers liked the collar for being easy to use. The instruction manual provides comprehensive advice and the tips offered in the guide provide the user with methods of use that allow you to maximize the effects the collar provides.

The batteries are waterproof and rechargeable in form. As the collar is water-resistant, it is ideal for when the dog is outside in the rain. It is able to be charged in around 2 hours – after the first charge which takes around 4 hours.

Many buyers have appreciated the customer service that comes with this shock collar for large dogs. The collar has helped many dog owners curb annoying behaviors such as property destruction, chewing on slippers and toys, scaring off people and other pets, chasing vehicles and more.

A lot of dog owners have praised the collar for its light weight construction which makes it very comfortable for your dog to wear. There are  3 safe and effective modes of training. The LCD backlit display makes it easy to operate the unit when you are out walking at night. The WIFLI has a great range as it can function up to a distance of around 450 yards.

Dogtek Canicom Electronic Dog Training System

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Shock Collars for Large Dogs are essential, like this model.

The device comes from the brand known as Dogtek, and works within a range of 250 yards. It has as many as 9 simulation levels and you can get Continuous or Flash Stimulation. The collar is light in weight, which means your dog will not feel any discomfort. It is water-resistant in form, and training your dog will not be a problem even in the rain.

Due to the compact system in the device, bad behavior can easily be controlled. When you take out dogs for a walk, you can train him with ease with this fantastic collar and reinforce good behavior and do away with bad behavior.

Most of the buyers have praised the device and stated that it works better than its competitors in the market. The collar comes with durable batteries, which are able to be recharged. Within the remote, there are long lasting button cells.

If you have a very stubborn dog, you will find it obeying orders within a few days of starting training with this collar. It has received a lot of praise from many reviewers as well as consumers.

Shock Collars for Large Dogs – Our #1 Recommendation

Aetertek AT-216W Professional Rechargeable 600 Yard Remote Dog Training Shock Collar

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This is the best large dog shock collar in our view.

This shock collar for large dogs is from the brand known as Aetertek, and can operate within a range of 600 yards. The remote comes with an auto sleep feature, which helps you to save on battery power, which not many large dog shock collars come with.

There are 3 effectual modes of training, which are – 7 levels of adjustable Shock, Vibration Warning and Beep Tone attention. Most consumers have nothing but praise for the unit and have remarked that it is completely water-resistant and can be even submerged in water. This is a rechargeable unit and can be charged again with ease.

Even if you have a very stubborn or big dog, a static shock at peak intensity can be enough. Smaller dogs will not get physically harmed with mild shocks from the unit. The TPU strap on the unit is adjustable, and is perfect for dogs of all sizes – whether big, medium or small. Dogs in the 15 – 150 pound weight range can be easily managed with this shock dog collar when adjusted for their size.

The collar has been heavily praised due to the fact that it can be controlled by a remote. The signal can get passed through fences, walls and various other obstacles. The device can be used to train even 2 to 3 dogs. In order to make training comfortable for dogs, the antenna comes coated with rubber.

Many customers have praised the buttons which are easy to operate and overall, the collar is very user friendly. The buttons have been purposely made glove-friendly for when you are walking in the winter. This shock collar for large dogs is water-resistant, although it cannot be submerged in water, but is able to handle rainy conditions. The remote operates with a 9 V battery, which is rechargeable and can last for a long time to come. The collar has a buckle and a nylon strap which can be clipped into place, and looks great.

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